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To book a consultation with our dedicated clinician to see how we can provide a taylor made denture solution for you.
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Denture Services



For some people, talking about their dentures is uncomfortable.  We offer consultations in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to discuss any problems you may have and offer a tailor made solution.


New Detures

All dentures are designed and handcrafted personally in our own in-house laboratory . Great care is taken to ensure that your dentures look totally natural and feel very comfortable.


Light Alloy Chrome Dentures

Light alloy Chrome dentures are thinner, lighter, more hygienic and less obtrusive than their acrylic counterparts. They offer a more comfortable and stable base for eating and chewing and combined with flexible clear clasps you can acieve a trueley aesthetic result


Implant Retained Dentures

Imagine being able to eat what you want, when you want !
The ultimate in solving loose and unstable dentures. No more embarresing moment with dentures slipping or falling out. Implant retained dentures can be truley life changing.


Same Day Denture Repair

When a denture breaks, most people do not have a spare denture. For that reason, we offer a same day denture repair service. Dentures do not break on their own and they may have broken due to age or other mitigating factors. We will also asses your current dentures and advise you acordinly if any further treatment is required.


Denture Tightening

As time passes your mouth changes shape and you natural teeh can drift out of postition. When this happens your denture can become loose and unstable. Depending on the severity of the change we can sometimes adapt your dentures to the shape of your mouth as it is now. This is most commonlly known as "Relining" a denture. 
Relining your denture can be done on the same day.





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