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We offer a wide range of deture solutions for all budgets. We also welcome medical card patients. Medical card patients are entiled to free dentures every 5 years and any number of denture repairs and additions.

New Complete Denture Options

  Premium Dentures


  Consultation Required

  Free for medical card holders


  Using traditional methods, these     dentures come with special tray       impressions, Ivoclar Vivadent   Ivostar teeth and high quality pink     acrylic as standard.

Deluxe Denture


Consultation Required


Using more accurate impression techniques as well as a more accurate technique to register your bite, these dentures come with Ivoclar Vivadent acrylic DCL teeth, These teeth superior denture teeth demonstrate a high degree of hardness, stain resistance and shade stability. They are particularly suitable for complete dentures.These teeth are harder wearing and have a more realistic appearance, full gum contouring and stronger, high impact pink acrylic come as standard.

Ultre Aesthetic BPS Dentures









Consultation Required

Delivering the ultimate in accuracy and aesthetics using Ivoclar's injection moulded B.P.S (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) combined with the incredibly lifelike Phonares II composite teeth,  gum contouring and tinting.
These dentures are extremely accurate and lifelike, only premium materials and techniques are used in the construction of these dentures.
Phonares II teeth are designed to mimic the appearance of human teeth and can fool even dental professionals into thinking you have your own teeth and not dentures. These dentures combine the best techniques as well as the most accurate injection moulding processing system, Ivoclar Vivadent's Ivobase injector ensuring you receive top quality dentures.

These dentures combine all the best features of the B.P.S Dentures but in addition have individually tailored colours, wear, tissue matching to your exacting needs, these dentures are indistinguishable from natural teeth, see HERE for examples

Light Alloy Chrome Framework

From € 1100

Reline (Denture Tightening)

Hard Reline €180
Soft Reline   €300


Denture Repairs & Addition of Missing Teeth

Denture Repairs From                €60.00    (Free for medical card holders)
Addition of Missing Teeth From  €160.00    (Free for medical card holders)


Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures  From                €400.00    (Free for medical card holders)


We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers.
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